8 enero, 2018

Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas UC se adjudica 9 proyectos en Concurso Regular Fondecyt 2018

Este año, la UC se adjudicó 98 proyectos en el Concurso Regular Fondecyt 2018 de Conicyt, 9 de ellos correspondieron a investigadores de Ciencias Biológicas. A continuación, los nuevos proyectos adjudicados que comenzarán a ejecutarse a partir de abril del año en curso:


  • Regulation of salt stress response by Auxin and its regulatory network in Arabidopsis thaliana (José O’Brien).
  • Nitrate regulatory networks controlling early post-embryonic plant growth (Rodrigo Gutiérrez).
  • The extracellular matrix promotes the process of vasculogenic mimicry and thus delivers an advantage to ovarian cancer progression (Gareth Owen).
  • Chemoreceptor and sympathetic neuron interactions in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: what the brain can tell us about heart failure progression (Rodrigo Del Río).
  • Intrinsic mechanism of axon regeneration in frogs (Juan Larraín).
  • Shaping the Immune Synapse by Centrosome-Associated Proteins: Impact on B Cell Responses (María Isabel Yuseff).
  • Collapse in agrarian societies: an eco-demographic approach to understand human population dynamics (Mauricio Lima).
  • Speciation and adaptation in marine diatoms and coccolithophores (Peter von Dassow).
  • Mechanisms that breakdown and reinforce feedbacks and alternative patch states in contrasting shallow coastal communities (Evie Wieters).