• Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

  • Sitio Personal:
  • E-mail: abuylla@stemcell.ucsf.edu
  • Ubicación Oficina: Department of Neurological Surgery - University of California, San Francisco

Líneas de Investigación:

  • Dr. Alvarez-Buylla has an international reputation for his work in developmental neuroscience and stem-cell neurobiology research. His principal research interests are in neurogenesis of the adult mammalian brain, the assembly of the brain, brain tumors and repair, and the ontogeny and phylogeny of behavior.

    His expertise encompasses the fields of developmental biology, developmental neuroscience, neurobiology, molecular and cellular neurobiology, and learning and plasticity. An innovator and inventor as well as a scientist, Dr. Alvarez-Buylla has designed a device for mounting tissue sections on histological slides, a digital stereotaxic apparatus for mice and song birds, a computer-based mapping system for tissue sections, and a fluorescent staining technique.